Gramps doesn't have much time. It up to me to insure his ascension. It was time to set the record straight, and take him back home.

Weaver 2.0a

Hello everyone. I'm doing this post a little differently today. I'm posting work I'm not happy with, in order to ask for help. I have started the first edit on my manuscript, as most of you know. Which means I have pretty much scrapped my first round, and I am in the process of doing …

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Sharie Peri

Photo by Joy Marino on “I know the risk Grandpa, you don’t have to remind me.” An exasperated sigh came from the walk in. “But, the bastards are taking everything! If we don’t stand up to them who will?” Sharie grumbled, as she emerged, carrying a tray of pastrami she’d cut earlier that morning. …

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Time to Get Creative.

Photo by Vinu00edcius Vieira ft on I have been neglecting my manuscript recently. It has been nagging at me as of late, and stressing me out. I’m not competitive by nature, but a writer friend of mine made a comment on Facebook recently which, unintentionally, made me feel like the biggest slacker; really making …

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